3 thoughts on “Memorial Day – May 31st, 2010 – Official launch of the Veterans Outreach Project”

  1. I was injured in 1985, while active duty. The injury was to right knee and ankle. This was not treated for several months for several lame reasons and by the time treatment was discussed, options were slim and I ended up just having to live with pain in this leg and unable to run – thereby killing my dream of becoming a pilot. 2 years ago, I found out I had VA medical benefits and I have been seeing the Gulf Coast VA system, particularly, Mobile, AL VA, where my doctor is a Dr. Daughtery. I have been mistreated, verbally abused, accused of lying, ignored, and basically treated like a second-class citizen by this VA center – also have problems at the Biloxi, MS VA. This injury caused me to favor that leg for over 20 years, causing problems with my left hip, lower back, and other problems. On top of that, I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, insomnia, an incisional hernia, depression, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, left shoulder and neck pain. After being sent to an outside pain management clinic, where they performed Lumbar Facet Injections, during which I was not given enough “twilight sleep” medication and my right leg was “jumping” as the doctor hit a nerve, causing caudal equina syndrome (bowel impactions, urinary incontinence, and random complete loss of feeling in my legs, causing me to fall.) I put in for VA disability in December of 2009, and they keep putting off “reviewing and rating” this claim. So, not only can I not work, the VA doctors are treating me like crap, and the VA Claims office is delaying making a decision. I’m about to lose my house and everything else and at the end of my rope. Not only have they not helped my health problems, they have made me physically and mentally worse and I have no idea where to turn for help!

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