The primary goals of the Veterans Outreach Project are simple:

"To render assistance to veterans and their families. There will never be a fee for any service provided."

Why has the Veterans Outreach Project been created?

  • The current backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs is over 1 million claims.
  • Veterans suicide rates are the highest in history.
  • One out of four homeless in America are veterans.
  • The founder of the Veterans Outreach Project is a 100% disabled veteran.
  • How can the Veterans Outreach Project help me?

    Many veterans have difficulty navigating the complex Veterans Affairs Compensation & Pension system. Many veterans are also unaware they are eligible for advanced benefits. These benefits include education and vocational rehabilitation, loans and grants, and many other benefits at the federal, state and local level.

  • We will ensure that veterans have access to every possible benefit, to the highest degree possible, that they have earned.
  • We will educate the veterans community, thus giving them the tools they need to overcome any obstacle.
  • We will identify and document, anonymously, the specific nature of the problems each individual veteran faces. This information will be made available to politicians, the media, and the veterans community. Raising overall awareness, and working towards a solution.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us